The Jewel Process is a balance between seven practical and spiritual tools that will lead you to challenge what limits you and how to overcome this to achieve your own success.

Every process is different, just like your story is unique to who you are. Through life coaching tools, we will challenge beliefs that may limit you, so that you can learn to question and trust what you feel in order to be empowered to take actions.


Six questions to understand your coaching needs:

  1. Are you looking to start your own business?
  2. Do you have difficulty getting your business off the ground?
  3. Are you looking for practical and spiritual tools to get moving?
  4. What’s in your way?
  5. What are you resisting?
  6. Are you looking for support and a community of like- minded women?


If these questions resonate with you, here are three coaching options you can chose from to help you find the answers:




I created this website to act as a community and as a tool to support and empower creative women entrepreneurs. This dream of creating such a platform came about when I travelled to Mexico in 2005.

That year, I decided to leave my job as a textile trader where I had learnt to love business but realised that I needed more, I needed to do business with a social purpose.

Welcome to The Jewel Process

Welcome to The Jewel Process, kind of a dream coming true. I have been talking about creating an active online community for a long time, where women can help each other shine and get access to tools that make everyday life brighter and livelier. Thi...

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